*Gala4Good is an under the umbrella National Initiatives for Healthy Youth (NIHY). Our vision since 2006 has been to work at the grassroots level to support healthy relationships, communities and efforts.  Our belief is that when communities work together, great things can happen - sometimes one person at a time. We do this by partnering with small non-profit organizations to raise money for their efforts.  An annual Gala event will be utilized to effectively bring this to fruition.   

       * We have raised scholarships that have allowed students to play sports, conducted training and held youth groups and events.  NIHY also conducts research assuring that as an organization best practices are being used to address real issues and needs.    


       * The idea of hosting Gala4Good came from a desire to socialize and network, as well to aid small grassroots projects.  The projects and chosen organizations are those deemed by Gala4Good to be making significant contributions in their field and areas of concerns that could benefit from the financial support of this organization.  The Gala event is sure to bring a lot of happiness, enjoyment, and a sense of fulfillment knowing the outcome of the effort put forth will aid various charitable projects and people in need.  Simply planning the Gala and watching it come to success has been a rewarding endeavor.  

"We only grow as big as we dream that is why we must dream big"  - Gabrielle Willaims